Let’s transform your energy from overwhelmed and anxious to calm, connected, present, and truly enjoying motherhood…

I’m Alexis and I teach you how to heal yourself using energy healing and mindset work. I believe in your ability to heal your SELF and I honor that everyone needs different things to heal. I don’t judge what works for you. This gives you the best of both worlds where you can really learn that there is a lot you have control over, and lean on other tools and “regular” modalities when you need to.

1:1 healing 


A single session to explore…

  • Birth Story Healing Session (like a debrief but for your feelings)
  • Birth Planning
  • Postpartum Plan
  • Healing Plan
  • HELP! My life feels crazy!



Explore healing in a new way

You’ve tried all of the things, but nobody around you seems to “get it” and nothing is getting you the results you want.

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Birth Healing Basics

Energy Experience Replay

  • A one-hour live Zoom experience to support you in settling into your body and learning tools to energetically support your healing journey.
  • Experience how energy works and can support your healing.

Who am I

Heeyyyyyy!! ? I’m Alexis and I help overwhelmed and anxious moms heal so their sh*t doesn’t land on their kids. After working with me, they feel more connected and present with their families.

My Mission

I’m on a mission to change the world by transforming the way we parent. Not just our children, but also our Selves. My mission is to INSPIRE healing because it is through our own healing, that we heal the world.

? Your ripple heals the world

What makes me different?

I am a normal person who has had to learn about how trauma works and how to heal so that I could feel better. This means that I have a completely different perspective than those who were trained as therapists and can share things in a way that you EASILY can understand and apply to your own healing.