Break the cycle… 

without YEARS of struggle, guesswork, and fractures in your relationships.

For the… 

life creators
cycle breakers
change makers

It’s time to make it simple! 

introducing the… 

For the mother who… 

knows the importance of healing her sh*t

she’s not willing to let triggers run her life

she’s ready to RESPOND instead of constantly reacting

she’s ready to learn to manage her triggers (instead of them managing her)

…and is ready to embrace her calm

is ready to break cycles 

she sees the patterns that her parents started 

she sees the way society has formed a toxic culture and is ready to lead the way in breaking out of the hamster wheel

she’s heard of generational trauma and is ready to  stop and heal her Self and by proxy, her decedents

….but wants to make it easy

knows life gets to be even better than this

she’s ready to CREATE her life instead of her life creating her 

she’s ready to take back her power 

she knows she has super healing abilities and is ready to tap into them 

…she’s ready to live a more intentional life  


I’m Alexis. After a traumatic emergency cesarean with my son 8 years ago, I was REELING. I spent years trying to feel better (and stuffing my symptoms of PTSD under the rug).

I spent the last four years actually healing and learning how to access my own super healing abilities  and now I teach other moms how to do the same! 

Join me to make inner child healing EASY so that you can start breaking cycles without reading through hundreds of books, and paying a million different teachers like I did.