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Hold Yourself

Where other healing modalities have left you still struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, and imposter syndrome, Hold Yourself helps you access your own healing powers.

By healing your Self,

you heal the world.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the expectations of society? Holding everyone around you?

–> You’re so busy holding everyone else and taking care of the *shoulds* that you get put last on the list

–> You’re frozen with imposter syndrome even though you have AMAZING gifts to share with the world

–> The expectations of society, and especially the news feel like they zap the energy right out of you  

–> You’re scared you’re going to pass your traumas and patterns down to your kids. 

–> You if you know you have some deep healing to do, but you’ve been sweeping it under the rug, numbing, and distracting yourself from your sh*t. 

–> You feel like you’ve done all the *right* things but you are STILL struggling. 

–> You if you want to support others but you’re scared you’ll get triggered. You know you can help them but you don’t know if you know enough, if you’re good enough, or if you can really hold space. 

Until your own experiences are integrated, triggers will keep showing up. Your body and mind will keep finding ways to overwhelm you. 

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